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Summarizing Your AC System

By May 3, 2018August 3rd, 2018HVAC Tips

During the cooler months of the year, air-conditioning units are left in a state of hibernation, they collect debris and dust. After this state of hibernation, some simple maintenance may be required for the unit to function properly. This maintenance is referred to as summerizing.

South Carolina’s summers are sweltering, outside temperatures stagnate around 90 degrees. Without air-conditioning, heat creeps in like an uninvited guest and doesn’t leave. It’s essential to summerize your AC, to ensure that it runs efficiently throughout the Summer. Moreover, summerizing your AC may be easily achieved without calling the friendly folks at Pittman AC.


Routinely cleaning or replacing your air-conditioning unit’s filter allows for lower electricity consumption and healthier living. An air-conditioning unit’s efficiency may be greatly reduced by restricted air flow, and a dirty air filter allows allergens to infiltrate your home.

Usually, the filter is located on the return air duct, inside the home. There’s no need to power-down the unit before replacing air filters. Air-conditioning filters come in a variety of sizes. When replacing the filter be sure to purchase the correct size.


Remember to disconnect the unit prior to any work. Air-conditioning units carry 240 volts, a hundred and thirty more than the average appliance!

Once you’ve powered-down the unit (disconnected it from the power source) and allowed half an hour for any capacitors to discharge, remove the side panels. The side panels may be easily removed with a screwdriver. Rid the unit of any debris that may have collected. Additionally, unearth weeds that are growing inside the unit.

To prevent the collection of debris, during the next cold season, cover the unit with a tarp.


Leaky hoses may greatly reduce an air-conditioner’s ability to cool. Hoses deliver coolant from the Evaporator to the Air Handler. These hoses are typically covered with an insulating foam. While the side panel is removed, examine the hoses and cover leaky lines with insulating sleeves or heavy duty tape.


Summerizing your AC ensures that the unit will run efficiently throughout the hotter months of the year. Additionally, those who maintain their system may avoid costly repairs.